B2B 통합 서비스의 글로벌 리더

B2B Managed Services

Is a B2B Managed Services Approach Right for You?

B2B managed services promises to reduce the complexities and risks associated with running your B2B operations. But, what exactly is it? This educational resource kit will arm you with the information you need in order to decide if outsourcing your B2B programs to a managed services provider can help address your growing business challenges by increasing B2B capabilities and improving customer satisfaction for your company.

Consider the options. Download this educational resource kit to learn everything you need to know about the managed services approach and how to get the most business value from outsourcing your B2B needs.

e-Invoicing Resource Kit

Your “B2B Managed Services Educational Resource Kit” Includes:

  • Research Report: “B2B Managed Services: Business Value and Adoption Trends,” Research Report by Stanford Global Supply Chain Management Forum
  • Case Study: “JCB Company, Ltd.”
  • Webinar: “B2B Managed Services: What Is It And Why Should You Know?”

Download Your Educational Resource Kit

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